Rise and Shine
Do you want to feel confident being seen and heard?

Are you hiding?

Are you struggling to find your voice even though you feel that you have a lot to say?


Does the idea of standing up in front of other people talking or giving a presentation make you panic?

Do you fear going public with your thoughts and ideas?

Are you scared to share your thoughts and posts on social media for fear of what people might think or comment?

Do you fear rejection?

Is your fear of being seen or heard paralysing you from moving forward with your business or other projects?


"I understand the fear of public speaking very well in my own way.

When I had to stand in front of my senior management peers and give a presentation for the first time, I felt completely overwhelmed, it was "ONLY" 6 people. 


I had known and worked with them all for more than four years.


I felt nauseas, my palms started to sweat, my mouth went dry, I didn't know where to look or who to look at. It was a terrifying experience for me physically and emotionally. 


The feedback was OK, thankfully, phew! 

What I was presenting outwards was clearly more calm than the circus going on inside me.  I had to find a way to feel more comfortable and confident inside myself. Then I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Panic and fear no more, now I feel much more comfortable speaking in front of people, thanks to RTT.

I was so impressed with the outcome I decided to train in this modality myself. Since then it has had a profound impact on my clients lives"


This is a 5 week journey in 5 steps.


Step 1. We start with a 60 minute strategic mentoring call to understand your situation in more depth.

Step 2. The 90 minute RTT transformational session OR energetic bodywork session.

Step 3. Check in.

Step 4. Your 45 minute Integration session.

Step 5. 20 minute follow up call.


WhatsApp and email support all the way through.

"I love to recommend products and persons (services) that have made a difference in my life.

Recently I shared that while I was writing a chapter about my childhood traumas and the wisdom that emerged from them (IGNITE YOUR WISDOM), I didn't have the opportunity to discuss how Isa Styles supported me.

We met in a group for coaches about 2 years ago. I remembered that she specialized in energetic healing, so I reached out to her to clear potential pain blocks in my body while writing my story.

I knew that the pain that had been repressed for decades began to RESURFACE because I was recalling the past memories to write this story.

She compassionately guided me to identify the source of this pain, which was surprisingly around my throat.

As I shared before, by working with her, I was able to tune into my throat to reveal the source of the felt pain. As a result of the session, I remembered many times as a child wanting to scream out to make my father stop beating our mother, but I stifled MY VOICE.

Due to ...

The fear of being HEARD.

The fear of being BEATEN myself.

There was a lot of GUILT for not helping our mother.

All of this collective PAIN and REPRESSED ENERGY were finally RELEASED from writing my story AND being intuitive enough to reach out to AN INTUITIVE HEALER such as Isabel. I trusted her enough to be completely OPEN to allowing energy to flow, not knowing what would be revealed. This part is critical to the process.

If you have not healed past pain, and believe that it might be COMPROMISING your current and future potential and happiness, I would seriously consider seeking professional help.

I felt enormously better the next day, and 3 days later following our session, I was back to smiling again!

Not only was I able to finish writing the chapter for the book, but able to move forward quite GLEEFULLY building a coaching platform.

I've included a link to Isa Styles's website if you want to reach out for healing support. She specializes in helping people overcome fear of visibility and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

Thank you Isa Styles!

Isabel is located in Switzerland. She provides help via Zoom for nonlocal clients."

Loree Kim, PhD (USA)


RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) will regress you back to a time and place that was the root cause and the reason behind your fear. From that moment the healing takes place and from there, transformation.  

RTT is a modality developed by Marissa Peer in the UK.  It combines and embraces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy and healing.

You are given a personalised audio after the session that will help you to re-enforce your transformational journey.

The outcome; you feel positive, comfortable, and confident in front of people, work colleagues and other public engagements.  Feel inspired to speak your truth. Overcome the fears of rejection and clear writing or speaking blocks. 

I also offer an energetic bodywork process for those that prefer this method, it helps to release out blockages.  Also available over zoom. Please refer to the review by Loree Kim, PhD, above to see how this exact method helped her to transform her voice.


Feel Confident Being Seen & Heard.


For those looking to over come a fear of being seen, heard, overcome imposter syndrome.

Also available over zoom.


  • 1 strategic mentoring call.

  • 1 mind blowing 90 minute RTT subconscious transformation OR bodywork session.

  • 1 Integration session.

  • Bespoke guided audios to boost your subconscious transformation and relaxation, reduce stress, anxiety and sleep better.

  • Follow up session.


  • ​Whatsapp and email support Monday - Friday


CHF 700

(I only accept CHF, the approx conversion - USD 750 EUR 690)