M&J ETHICAL LUXURY – LARGE CANDLE | Samadhi, Karpuura, Tulsi & Rose 60 HOUR


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Samadhi is the state of consciousness induced by complete meditation – where the mind becomes still. These fragrances – karpuura, tulsi, rose – conjure sanctuary and spiritual renewal. Light an M&J Candle as part of your daily devotion, bringing that sense of pause, of peace, of calm and reflection to each day. Breathing these fragrances brings us back to that place of honor and leaves our spirit refreshed and recharged.

All candles are hand poured with Love in London with soya wax, recycled glass and environmentally friendly packaging. See our Ethics page for details.

A UK based women’s charity will receive £1 for each Large and 50p for each Small candle sold.


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External cover is made from beautiful Japanese fabric. Metallic blue on midnight blue, 78% cotton and 22% linen mix.  Mandarin, high quality,

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