Klinta Candle (Massage), Lavender – 45 Hour


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Klinta’s Lavender candle is pure essential. Over and above the quality of its fragrance, lavender has been shown to help with sleeplessness and to soothe stress and anxiety. Imagine yourself in the middle of an endless meadow of French lavender. Breathe and enjoy!
Made using essential oils from flowers, trees and herbs – pure plant oils, no perfume.


Klinta’s candle is not just any candle.  It is a massage oil that looks and behaves like a scented candle.  A vegan product made from plant oils and wax from renewable sources. A candle that burns cleanly and evenly, without leaving sooty residue.

How to use your Massage Candle.

  • Light the candle as you normally would and wait a few mins for a pool of oil to form on the surface. 
  • Then dip your finger in the organic oil, or pour the warm liquid directly onto the skin.  It isn’t too warm – the specially formulated mix of oils keeps a suitable temperature for massage – around 55c. 
  • Massage into the skin.

Enjoy the warmth, the fragrance and the peace!

The perfect pampering gift to yourself, your friend or your partner. 


The base of Klinta’s candles come from renewable, compostable and organic resources – vegetable food-grade oils (96%) that are either certified organic or ethically sourced.  To this they add a few drops of essential or perfume oils (4-5%).  Nothing else. No parabens.The candles contain no artificial preservatives and conform to stringent EU controls regarding the manufacture of massage candles. They are not tested on animals. The glass is 50% recycled, and is approved for food use.  You can put them in your dishwasher and re-use afterwards. 

Perfume is either essential oil or fragrance – produced in the EU, under EU law and not tested on animals.

Soya Wax (full of Vitamin E) – certified ‘EcoSoya’ – 100% organic free from GM plant matter, mineral oils and beeswax.

Rapeseed Oil – manufactured first and foremost for the food industry.  The rapeseed oil is ethically made in the EU and GM-free.

Palm Oil – produced by the founding member of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil Production) – the most widely recognized certification for ethical palm oil cultivation.



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