Niche Alignment

Are you frustrated with how your business is going?


Are you trying to be everything to everyone?


Are you aligned with your niche?


When it comes to knowing who and how you serve, your level of clarity, focus and your alignment will largely determine how successful your business is.


So many coaching and therapy businesses fail because they lack niche clarity.  If you feel frustrated or on the verge of giving up, please read on...

Why is your niche important? 

Your true niche determines who you are serving and what service you are offering.  This is critical for your well-being, your business clarity, speaking to your dream clients and all your marketing activities. When you have clarity, you can share a clear message and  a service that you can deliver with ease, immense joy and much less stress. Your income has the potential to sky rocket!


This is what your business looks like when you are out of your true niche alignment:


  • Your income is probably not flowing as you would like it to.


  • You and your business are not in flow.  You feel frustrated and exhausted.


  • You’re posting on social media but you’re getting minimal leads.


  • Your messaging is not consistent and you’re jumping around too much.




When you are operating from your true niche, and you are in alignment it’s a total game changer!


You feel in flow, emotionally, physically, and energetically.  You feel light and fully energised. Your income potential increases significantly. Your messaging is clear, you are attracting and enrolling your dream clients.


Why is it so difficult to figure out my true niche by myself?

Most of us are not typically very good at looking at ourselves, our skill set and past experiences objectively in a way that truly serves us. We often don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve for our unique abilities, gifts, or talents, particularly if we are more prone to feeling like an imposter.


You will also likely have natural talents that you may not be fully aware of, because they form part of your day to day living. You may also be more intuitive than you are aware of, this is a tool that is not to be underestimated and can support your clients in profound ways.

Your past experiences are more relevant than you think. Your life experiences can help other people.  However, some niches will not be in your alignment because they can negatively impact your emotional well-being in the longer term.

Understanding your values is also key to accessing your alignment. If you are not clear here, then this will cause further disharmony.


Here’s how I can help you.

Over time and through my own experiences I have found that working person to person, in a 1:1 session adds the most value and enables you to act immediately afterwards.

Say goodbye to confusion and procrastination!



There are two ways that we can work together. I offer a 90-minute session and a 2-hour session with techniques that are strategically designed to help you access your sweet spot and get you laser focused on your purpose.

I will send you a short form to complete prior to the session to understand your current situation better. I can then prepare for our call. It saves time so we can focus on the exciting alignment process.

This is a one-off session. I have purposely made it simple and effective so you can get started immediately. ASAP.

I keep my pricing transparent.


During the 90-minute strategy call:

  • Define your true niche that is in your alignment.

  • Learn different strategies (packages and programmes) specific to your niche to increase your income potential.

CHF 360 (approx USD 380, EUR 350)


During the 2-hour strategy:

  • Define the true niche that is in your alignment.

  • Learn different strategies to increase your income potential.

  • Identify your blocks, blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviours and how to overcome them.


CHF 440 (approx USD 470, EUR 430)

Please note I am based in Zurich, Switzerland (CET, GMT +1).

All sessions will be over zoom unless you happen to be in my city then I'd love to meet you in my space. My local currency is CHF.




"Thank you Isa 

You made me realise this in our reading together. I thought I need to be experienced in the area I niche in and now I realise I don’t. I felt like I was walking on air after speaking with you. I felt like I’m in alignment suddenly and there’s massive energy moving forward for me now. The buzz lasted for days".

Simone (Hypnotherapist, UK)

If any of the following  questions and statements resonate then I highly recommend that it’s time to book a session to get you the clarity and confidence that you deserve, for your future happiness and success.


What is my niche?

Should I narrow my niche?

I need to make a higher income.

How do I narrow my niche?

I feel totally confused, lost or overwhelmed.

Narrowing my niche doesn’t feel right.

Should I leave my full-time job to focus on setting up my own business.

My niche is draining me, and I feel exhausted at the end of the day.

I’m procrastinating.

My business is slow or I’m not getting any clients.

Should I be offering courses and packages.

I feel like giving up.

Should I work with men and women, just women or just men.

You will get the clarity you need to move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of energy.