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Intuitive Consulting & Energy Readings

Quite literally, off the charts! 



Do you have a specific issue or situation that requires clarification?

Are you confused and unsure which direction you should take?

This is independent of my coaching services. I use my intuition in all my appointments, however, in my intuitive consulting  and energy readings, I channel information for client requests on a variety of topics and situations. I consult for people globally, as well as with companies.  

I'm blessed to be born a  highly sensitive person with open access to second sight (we all have the potential to see in this way). From a young age I was already aware of different energies around me.  As I got older my gift naturally developed, I got more curious, I wanted to refine my intuitive  skills even further.  I studied various energy healing modalities around the world, and practices such as Spiritism, Shamanism and Remote Viewing.  You can read my BIO here.


I am low key and absolutely LOVE what I do, and for more than 10 years, I am working with clients, providing intuitive information for clarity and direction, energy healing, energy clearing, sharing insights and supporting transformational shifts.

I also work with Business Owners, Executives and Entrepreneurs reviewing company alignments and providing additional clarity for cost saving and increasing revenue. 


Your investment via PayPal in CHF (Swiss francs) or Bank Transfer in CHF or EUR prior to the appointment. 

30 minute Personal Consultation


-100 CHF (95 EUR)

50 minute Personal Consultation

-180 CHF (165 EUR)

60 minute Business Consultation

-500 CHF (460 EUR)