Client Voices

"Well... that was right up there with the few genuine peak experiences I've been gifted in my life. Epiphanic or mystical moments have tended to come to me from the 'outside-in' - invariably when interacting with nature, or the numinous. To experience something from the 'inside-out' was revelatory. So my profound thanks for seeing me into, and through, such an astounding yet wholly natural transcendent experience."

W, (Business Owner)




"Just a short note to say thanks again for an exceptional session yesterday. Really was fantastic, feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated again. Many thanks and have a wonderful week and weekend!"

B, (Executive)

"I saw Isabel for issues I had around sleep which were causing me a lot of anxiety and over worrying, On top of my natural ways. The first session was around being able to sleep as I’ve been an insomniac for 20+ years. My mum was unable to put me to sleep even during my early years. Right after the session, I had peaceful deep sleeps and I’ve been able to sleep a lot better now. Isabel also identified my over worrying during our first session and was able to help me overcome the excessive amount of over thinking especially given then situation I’m going through. I’m glad to say that I’ve been trying to take it one step at a time and be OK with one day at a time. Not to forget, reminding me that having boundaries is not a bad thing and something I very much need! Thank you Isabel for providing me with a much more calm state of mind and being so supportive throughout the journey, and patience!"

S, (Business Owner)

"Thank you for taking the time to walk me through your relaxation practice. I did sleep very well (actually, two nights in a row already!), had an incredible day yesterday and got to think a bit about the things we have discussed. I look forward to seeing you again."

A, (Executive)

"My session helped me reduce my stress and manage my stress levels better.  I have a brighter, more positive outlook and I'm motivated to move forward with my projects in a more productive way.  It has turned my life around.


D, (HR)

"I reached out to Isabel with the hopes of solving what I thought was a problem. However, with just one session, I was able to learn that the 'problem' is actually a symptom of something else. 

I've never looked deeply into myself like I did during the session. She was able to take me back in time to see when and why I made certain decisions. What I found really helpful is Isabel guides you through the discovery process such that at the end of the session YOU would have discovered the root cause of the problem and what YOU can do to alleviate it.

In my case, this discovery had a domino effect on other seemingly unrelated issues/obstacles. So effectively, I went in to tackle one problem and I came out ready to tackle a bunch of them."

F, (IB)

"I'm very happy I've met Isabel and trusted her with my issues. I have an extremely stressy job and due to low self esteem struggled with setting up healthy boundaries at work. I was failing to communicate the things I needed/wanted in a confident and professional manner due to my irrational fear of disappointing people. During the sessions I was able to go back and understand where these issues and fears are coming from and was given powerful suggestions by Isabel replacing old beliefs I had about myself which were deeply rooted into my childhood as well as my youth. 

To be honest, I did not know what to expect from RTT in particular, I started saying "no" at work in the situations I felt uncomfortable about without a fear of hurting anyones feelings or disappointing someone. Instead of carrying my own negative interpretation of every single situation I started raising uncomfortable topics for the sake of understanding a real intention behind a sentence or an action. I realised I have been interpreting many situations with colleagues at work wrongly in the past simply due to the place I was at as well as my beliefs about myself. I was taking too many things personally which I now was able to see in a different light.

I stress much less, I feel so much more confident and relaxed. I'm so much more aware of when my boundaries are being crossed and I have so much more control over those situations. I communicate easily and do not take things as personal as before.

I highly recommend Isabel and RTT in general. Isabel is an amazing therapist who is going to guide you every step of the way.

P, (Executive)

"Working with Isabel has been simply amazing. I felt fully supported every step of the way while working with her. 

My initial issue that I wanted to address was perfectionism. I used to procrastinate with all the tasks because I always wanted everything to be perfect and if it was any less than that I felt like it just simply wasn’t enough. During the sessions with Isabel I realised some very deeply hidden subconscious beliefs that I had about myself and that I accepted as truth. It was very powerful and eye opening for me. Even after the sessions I felt like I was releasing some stuff and felt this huge bag of sadness literally falling off of me. After all these years it lingered in my body, supressed and ignored until the session with Isabel where she gave me permission to express it and finally let it go. Ever since then I am able to just do things and not worry about it being perfect at all. I feel so grateful for that!

We also worked on my confidence and self-worth. What Isabel helped me to reveal during the session was – I felt stuck and not able to fully go after what I desired and kept settling in jobs and situations that were simply not serving me and were draining me. All of this linked in a way I never thought of before and really wasn’t aware of. I am not exaggerating when I say that this session literally changed my life! Couple of days after it I found myself giving a notice at my work place, where I stayed just because of my fear of what will be next. Now I see clearly that the lack of trust in myself, a low self-esteem and feeling of unworthiness were blocking me from pursuing the career and life I truly wanted for myself. I am delighted to say all of this has been removed. I quit the job and fully devoted myself to following my truth and authentic expression. I feel so free like never before. Even my friends have been noticing some changes in me and my attitude. 

Isabel is such a wonderful soul, in and out and really listens to one's needs and requests. She is very empathetic but also professional and really phenomenal at what she does. I can only recommend her wholeheartedly and thank her for such an epic transformation and change she brought to my life!!"

D, (Marketing

"Due to the passing of my mother and the separation between my partner and I of 11 years, I began experiencing significant stress, sleepless nights and a major lack of performance. I was having frequent tension headaches from the stress, was exhausted from the lack of sleep and was unable to perform my duties at work in a satisfactory manner.  It seemed like I was caught in a vicious cycle. Stress triggered my insomnia, yet my stress was exacerbated by experiencing many consecutive sleepless nights. My lack of sleep became a chronic problem causing depression and anxiety. In turn the depression and anxiety compounded my sleep issues.  


I was unsure of how to stop the cycle. Not only did I need to address my feelings of loss, I needed to stop my world from spinning out of control. 

Isabel Styles is a therapist that uses techniques to alleviate problems associated with sleep disturbance, stress and anxiety or poor performance issues. Isabel was great at getting me to relax in my  sessions. The process was simple, I began sleeping better, my tension headaches were gone, my overall stress decreased and my work performance improved. I have regained control of my life.  Thank you Isabel!"

T, (Psychologist)