Client Success

"I recently received some sessions from Isa and it was incredibly helpful. I’ve been feeling a little stuck and drained, and didn’t understand why. With Isa’s insight, we were able to uncover that I wasn’t living in my passion. With a little more understanding and insight, I was able to see how and where I can make little shifts for a big difference. I am so grateful for her and highly recommend working with her! She really helped open my eyes and heart. I look forward to the changes and movements in my future! Thank you, Isa, for your invaluable gifts and insight."

Harriet (US)

"My sessions with Isa was eye-opening and very illuminating ... I got the answers to my questions and more the end of our sessions I found so much clarity and understanding... I am grateful to have found Isa... I recommend her so much to everyone looking for clarity ..."

Wiem (Belgium)


"The sessions I had with Isa was very impactful. The information she got for me was spot on and resonated with me completely. I got goosebumps with so much of what she was saying. It helped bring me the courage and clarity to continue in the direction I am going and to adopt some new important practices into my journey to help me along the way.  As therapists and coaches it is so important for us to be able to ground ourselves and clear energies that aren’t our own or serving us. Isa offered me some really helpful tools and tips that will help me in the work I do and for my life.

I am very grateful to have met her and be able to benefit from her gifts. I will definitely continue to meet with her in the future."

Helena, (Therapist, US)


"The amount of insight and clarity Isa gave me  has kept me focused & motivated to keep going.... yes, even during not so fun days. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Highly recommend  Isa to everyone reading this."

Grisel (Therapist, USA)

"I love to recommend products and persons (services) that have made a difference in my life.

Recently I shared that while I was writing a chapter about my childhood traumas and the wisdom that emerged from them (IGNITE YOUR WISDOM), I didn't have the opportunity to discuss how Isa Styles supported me.

We met in a group for coaches about 2 years ago. I remembered that she specialized in energetic healing, so I reached out to her to clear potential pain blocks in my body while writing my story.

I knew that the pain that had been repressed for decades began to RESURFACE because I was recalling the past memories to write this story.

She compassionately guided me to identify the source of this pain, which was surprisingly around my throat.

As I shared before, by working with her, I was able to tune into my throat to reveal the source of the felt pain. As a result of the session, I remembered many times as a child wanting to scream out to make my father stop beating our mother, but I stifled MY VOICE.

Due to ...

The fear of being HEARD.

The fear of being BEATEN myself.

There was a lot of GUILT for not helping our mother.

All of this collective PAIN and REPRESSED ENERGY were finally RELEASED from writing my story AND being intuitive enough to reach out to AN INTUITIVE HEALER such as Isabel. I trusted her enough to be completely OPEN to allowing energy to flow, not knowing what would be revealed. This part is critical to the process.

If you have not healed past pain, and believe that it might be COMPROMISING your current and future potential and happiness, I would seriously consider seeking professional help.

I felt enormously better the next day, and 3 days later following our session, I was back to smiling again!

Not only was I able to finish writing the chapter for the book, but able to move forward quite GLEEFULLY building a coaching platform.

I've included a link to Isa Styles's website if you want to reach out for healing support. She specializes in helping people overcome fear of visibility and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

Thank you Isa Styles!

Isabel is located in Switzerland. She provides help via Zoom for nonlocal clients."

Loree Kim, PhD (Lawyer USA)

"Thank you Isa 

You made me realise this in our reading together. I thought I need to be experienced in the area I niche in and now I realise I don’t. I felt like I was walking on air after speaking with you. I felt like I’m in alignment suddenly and there’s massive energy moving forward for me now. The buzz lasted for days".

Simone (Hypnotherapist, UK)

"I went into my session with Isa feeling a sense of general overload.  She helped me to look at one of the issues from a complexly different angle.  Her perception and explanation were so wise. I could instantly see the truth and the sense in what she was lovingly suggesting. It lifted a weight off me and already my load feels so much lighter. I have peace in my heart and I was easily able to simply lay it aside. Thank you Isa for your wise words.  You are a kind and sensitive lady."

Teresa (Therapist, US) 



"My sessions with Isa was simply mind-blowing. She was spot-on with the guidance she provided. It was amazing that someone I never met before or knows nothing about me can provide such valuable and helpful insights on my current and future situation and what is for my highest good. Everything she said resonated with me and it is the best feeling. If you seek clarity or guidance in your life on any subject and you feel you are wasting your time by over analyzing or overthinking, I would say there is a shortcut solution – WORK WITH ISA! I highly recommend her."

Nadine, (Holland)



"I was feeling really stuck and confused in my life, not knowing which way to go and what action to take both professionally and personally. I reached out to Isa seeking help and what an experience it was! I got so much clarity about my career path as well as about my relationship situation. I wanted to set up my business however, was not able to choose the right niche. Isa provided me some amazing options and guided messages which resonated so well with my scope of work. She not only answered all my questions but also guided me with some powerful advice to deal with life issues.

I highly recommend Isa to all of you. She is truly gifted.

Thank you again❤"

Leena, (India)


"Since my sessions with Isabel I truly feel like a different person. I still feel like myself, but now all the bits I love about myself seems brighter and louder and my insecurities feel smaller and somehow further away and at times impossible to find. I feel calm and in control but at the same time flexible to changes happening around me. I am happier, healthier and have more confidence in myself and my path in life. It was the best investment in self development I have ever made, I can highly recommend Isabel as the experience has more than exceeded my expectations. In this every changing world we live in it feels amazing to have someone to help guide, support and motivate me through any obstacles that arise.
Thank you Isabel for helping me to see myself through everyone else’s eyes."

Marie, (Business Owner, Switzerland

"Just a short note to say thanks again for an exceptional session yesterday. Really was fantastic, feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated again. Many thanks and have a wonderful week and weekend!"

B, (Executive, Switzerland)

"I saw Isabel for issues I had around sleep which were causing me a lot of anxiety and over worrying, On top of my natural ways. The first session was around being able to sleep as I’ve been an insomniac for 20+ years. My mum was unable to put me to sleep even during my early years. Right after the session, I had peaceful deep sleeps and I’ve been able to sleep a lot better now. Isabel also identified my over worrying during our first session and was able to help me overcome the excessive amount of over thinking especially given then situation I’m going through. I’m glad to say that I’ve been trying to take it one step at a time and be OK with one day at a time. Not to forget, reminding me that having boundaries is not a bad thing and something I very much need! Thank you Isabel for providing me with a much more calm state of mind and being so supportive throughout the journey, and patience!"

Sarah, (Business Owner, Gambia)

"My sessions helped me reduce my stress and manage my stress levels better.  I have a brighter, more positive outlook and I'm motivated to move forward with my projects in a more productive way.  It has turned my life around.

Diana, (HR, Switzerland)

"I reached out to Isabel with the hopes of solving what I thought was a problem. However, with just one session, I was able to learn that the 'problem' is actually a symptom of something else. 

I've never looked deeply into myself like I did during the session. She was able to take me back in time to see when and why I made certain decisions. What I found really helpful is Isabel guides you through the discovery process such that at the end of the session YOU would have discovered the root cause of the problem and what YOU can do to alleviate it.

In my case, this discovery had a domino effect on other seemingly unrelated issues/obstacles. So effectively, I went in to tackle one problem and I came out ready to tackle a bunch of them."

Fiona, (Investment Bank Engineer, UK)

"Working with Isabel has been simply amazing. I felt fully supported every step of the way while working with her. 

My initial issue that I wanted to address was perfectionism. I used to procrastinate with all the tasks because I always wanted everything to be perfect and if it was any less than that I felt like it just simply wasn’t enough. During the sessions with Isabel I realised some very deeply hidden subconscious beliefs that I had about myself and that I accepted as truth. It was very powerful and eye opening for me. Even after the sessions I felt like I was releasing some stuff and felt this huge bag of sadness literally falling off of me. After all these years it lingered in my body, supressed and ignored until the session with Isabel where she gave me permission to express it and finally let it go. Ever since then I am able to just do things and not worry about it being perfect at all. I feel so grateful for that!

We also worked on my confidence and self-worth. What Isabel helped me to reveal during the session was – I felt stuck and not able to fully go after what I desired and kept settling in jobs and situations that were simply not serving me and were draining me. All of this linked in a way I never thought of before and really wasn’t aware of. I am not exaggerating when I say that this session literally changed my life! Couple of days after it I found myself giving a notice at my work place, where I stayed just because of my fear of what will be next. Now I see clearly that the lack of trust in myself, a low self-esteem and feeling of unworthiness were blocking me from pursuing the career and life I truly wanted for myself. I am delighted to say all of this has been removed. I quit the job and fully devoted myself to following my truth and authentic expression. I feel so free like never before. Even my friends have been noticing some changes in me and my attitude. 

Isabel is such a wonderful soul, in and out and really listens to one's needs and requests. She is very empathetic but also professional and really phenomenal at what she does. I can only recommend her wholeheartedly and thank her for such an epic transformation and change she brought to my life!!"

Dana, (Marketing, Slovakia)