About Isabel



I was born in 1975 and raised in the UK with Swiss roots, speaking English and Swiss-German. Since 2012 I'm based in Zurich and Baar.  I love sailing, and epic outdoor adventures with my fiancé. Cooking for family and friends, reading, travelling, well-being - enhancing my skills and experiences.​

  • 25+ years of introspection and personal development.

  • 12+ years supporting people from a variety of backgrounds as a mind-body therapist, mentor, coach, adviser and intuitive.

  • 10 years recruitment and vendor management in corporate and investment banking. JP Morgan, Skype, Logica, in London.


  • 6 years as a strategic adviser, consultant and mind-body therapist to international entrepreneurs.


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Certificates since 2010

Sophrology Diploma (Energy Centre, CHE)

RTT Practitioner (Marisa Peer, UK)

Yoga Nidra 100 Hours Teacher Training (Barbara Kuendig, CHE)

Reiki Master (Orion Healing Centre, Thailand)

NLP Practitioner (Mind Transformations, Singapore)  

Stress Management, Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (School of Natural Health Sciences, UK)

Training and Experiences

Qi Gong (Lawrence Tse, Hong Kong) Shamanic Journeying and Remote Viewing (London, Hong Kong and Bali), Chakra Healing, Polarity Therapy, Access Bars (Australia), OBE (Monroe Institute, USA) EFT (Hong Kong), Fasting (The Sanctuary, Thailand) Vipassana (Dhamma Kuta Centre, Sri Lanka) Meditation (Various) MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Various)