My name is Isabel Styles. 
I provide mentoring, coaching, and other personal development services. Empowering private individuals as well as entrepreneurs and executives, locally and internationally. Offering cutting edge tools, 
techniques and a confidential, safe space to explore self expression.


Executive Coaching

Supporting entrepreneurs, executives and those working in corporate or business environments. The pressure, the stress and the long hours can make it difficult to reach other personal and professional goals.


  • Do you want to create better boundaries?

  • Are you struggling with work life balance?

  • Do you want to learn how to manage you stress levels better?


Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Do you feel stuck? 


Marissa Peer's award winning approach to transformation.  A powerful modality that rewires outdated behavioural patterns that prevent you from moving forward and replaces them with new patterns that serve you.  For deep, long lasting results at a subconscious level.  RTT® can be used independently or combined with mentoring/coaching.

Personal Development and Coaching 

We are all evolving  in one way or another. Navigating change can be thrilling, beautiful and profound, it can also be challenging, daunting and even frightening.  There are times when you want to make changes purposely and there are times when change comes unexpectedly.

Whichever the situation, it can be helpful to have someone neutral on your side, to support you and gently guide you out of your comfort zone whilst maintaining a safe, judgment free space for your self expression.

"Well... that was right up there with the few genuine peak experiences I've been gifted in my life. Epiphanic or mystical moments have tended to come to me from the 'outside-in' - invariably when interacting with nature, or the numinous. To experience something from the 'inside-out' was revelatory. So my profound thanks for seeing me into, and through, such an astounding yet wholly natural transcendent experience."


W, UK (Business Owner)


About Me

My mission is to support people expand their reality and get way more out of their life experience than they think is currently possible. To overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours that prevent them from enjoying  the life they truly deserve.

Born and raised in the UK with Swiss roots, (I also speak Swiss-German).  I work with private individuals, entrepreneurs and executives, locally in Switzerland as well as internationally, from different cultural backgrounds, personally and professionally. To get better control over their busy lives, more clarity, increased vitality, success, better relationships and life balance.  

My approach is holistic, supporting each clients unique situation, their  emotional, physiological and spiritual aspects. Laughter is good for the soul and I love bringing humour into my appointments when appropriate.

After ten years in London working mainly in technology and finance - Corporate and Investment Banking, I discovered a yearning for more. More adventure, more travel and more life experiences. That saw me into three years, living out of a suitcase, between Asia and Australia before moving to Zurich in 2012.


Spending a further six years supporting the founder and executive team of  a global group of established and diverse start-up companies, in executive coaching and consultant strategic advisory roles.

My own journey of introspection has spanned 20+ years, and a considerable amount of time travelling, training, gathering knowledge, for curiosity, healing, and  the desire to be a better version of myself, and of course for the sheer  fun of it all!

From Australia, Asia, to the USA and in-between, I've experienced, learnt and trained in different modalities, tools and techniques, across different cultures.  

Now, in my mid 40's, enriched with what IS possible when we do decide to take action. Life expands in ways that are just not possible when we're stuck in the same, repeating patterns. I have tried and tested all the tools and techniques that I share with my clients.

As a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), my intuition has purposely been further trained and refined over the years to get more effective results.

I enjoy cooking for family and friends, and love  epic outdoor and sailing  adventures with my fiancé whenever possible. 



And some of the stuff I’ve overcome and capitalised as fuel:

+ University of Life

+ 16 years in Corporate Organisations &  Investment Banking

+ Burnout


+ Procrastination

Certificates since 2010

Diploma Sophrology (Energy Centre, CH)

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (Marisa Peer, UK)

Yoga Nidra 100 Hours TT (Barbara Kuendig, CH)

Reiki Master (Orion Healing Centre, Thailand)

NLP Practitioner (Mind Transformations, Singapore)  

Diploma Stress Management (School of Natural Health Sciences, UK)

Training and Experiences

Qi Gong (Lawrence Tse, Hong Kong) Shamanic Journeying and Remote Viewing (Various, London, Hong Kong and Bali) Chakra Healing, Spiritism, Polarity Therapy, Access Bars (Various, Australia), OBE (Monroe Institute, USA) EFT (Hong Kong), Fasting (The Sanctuary, Thailand) Vipassana (Dhamma Kuta Centre, Sri Lanka) Meditation (Various) MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Various)